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Points Criteria

Points Allocation Summary

CPD Points are allocated according to the NZRAB CPD Points Allocation Policy which you can view here. The following is a summary of the policy’s key points as they relate to architects doing CPD.

Scheduled CPD points are typically allocated at the rate of 5 to 10 points per hour. the number of points allocated to a CPD activity reflect:

  • the extent to which the activity relates to the four Units of Competency – Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management and the Core Professional Development Category
  • the relevance and quality of the content
  • the learning outcomes provided
  • the amount of active learning.

Where there is a high degree of relevance to these factors typically 10 points per hour are allocated. Activities that have fewer of these factors receive fewer points to a minimum of 5 points per hour.

For individual activities, the relevance to the individual is also taken into account.

Time-dependent activities receive time-dependant points for up to one day of 6 hours, after which the points allocation rate reduces. All non-time-dependent activities are allocated ceiling points per activity per annum (or per trimester for teaching and studying activities). The NZRAB CPD Points Allocation Policy includes a table laying out these ceilings.

The maximum point allocation of 200 is awarded at the discretion of the CPD Accreditation Panel to activities or events that are either entirely active learning, or combine active and passive learning. The maximum number of points that may accrue to passive learning is 100.

Individual CPD is allocated after assessment guided by the NZRAB CPD Points Allocation Policy. Where individual activities are essentially the same as scheduled activities (e.g. talks, visits, seminars, and conferences), except that they have not been scheduled, they receive time-related points on the same basis as scheduled activities. Individual CPD that is not time-related is considered to be active learning (e.g. giving a conference talk or lecture, formal study, publishing an article or paper).

Professional Journals and Site Safe are allocated once each CPD year. This points allocation can only be used in the current CPD year and cannot be carried over into another CPD year.  Please apply for these allocations of points annually.

The points from these applications can be allocated to any of the four Units of Competency depending on the activity. We recommend that you target the Unit of Competency that you need to address through your reading, visiting and movies.

Points Allocation Maximums by Activity Type
  Per Activity Unit Allocation Each Unit Per Year Total Per Year
Practice Support Group 10 1 90 120
In Office Training Group 10 1 90 120
Scheduled Event 200 5 unlimited unlimited
Individual Activity 200 5 unlimited with some exceptions unlimited
Professional Journals 20 per year 1 20 20
Reading 10 1 50 50
Movie 5 1 20 20
Research Visit 10 5 90 90

Reaching the aspirational points target

To reach the aspirational CPD Points Target, architects

  • need to earn a minimum of 100 points in each of the Units of Competency after 5 years
  • need to earn a minimum of 100 points in the Core Professional Development Category after 5 years
  • need to earn a minimum of 1000 points after 5 years.

CPD Points are allocated on the basis of the NZRAB CPD Points Policy which you can view here.


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