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RAB No. 
CoordinatorArchitect IDGroup Name
Alejandro Javier Hidalgo Uzqueda6195Architex
Alex Liang5873RCG Registration Club
Amanda Coats2527Proarch Consultants Limited
Amanda Daysh5535Foster + Melville
Amy Bayliss5180W&M Queenstown
Andrew Irving2675Irving Smith Jack Architects Wednesday Lunch Time Group
Angela Gibson2941Solari IOT
Benjamin Jagersma5228First Light Studio IOT
Bernard Farrant5071Chaplin Crooks Architects - IOT
Bruce Curtain2588WSP Architecture
Caryl Wilson5780McKenzie Higham
Celia Goldsmith5355Isthmus CPD
Chloe Coles6004GDW Ltd
Christopher Dopheide5213Warren and Mahoney Christchurch
Christopher Hume1891Hume Architects IOT
Claire Deacon2302workspace
Craig Moller2712Moller Architects
Cuiting Zhang5566Klein In Office Group
Dan Branda5293Context Auckland
Daniel Thompson4233Warren and Mahoney Wellington Office
Dariya Tapa5361Ignite Architects
Delia Bellaby3705Design & Make Architects
Elinor Harvey McDouall3133Architecture West
Elizabeth Chaney-Walker5191Chaney & Normal IOT Group
Ethan Hunter6021478 K Road Collective
Fiona Duffy3475Respond Architects
Gillian Hatch5977Grimshaw Architects
Gregory Lagoutaris2526Novak and Middleton
Hamish Davies2696Plus Architecture NZ
Hana Scott5437Mauvan Scott
Helen Zou5818Archaus
James Browning6425Smith Architects Internal CPD
James Craig4212Architectus
James Gray5671Roberts Gray Architects
James O'Toole5332AHHA Training
Jared Sim6416FGA Registration Group
Jennifer Lee3522Dalman Architects
Jeremy Wymer6546Monk Mackenzie
Joanna Theodore6191Kainga Ora ADMO
Jonathan Gibb4209Wingate Architects IOT Group
Jonathan Lapham5767Design Partners Limited
Joon Park3430Y+R+IOT
Joshua Warne5316Stevens Lawson Architects
Kate Kerr5580FHA IOT
Kenneth Lau6199Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects IOT
Laura Blundell5249A+ IOT
Leslie Lewis2521Construkt Architects
Louise Wright3267Assembly Architects Ltd
Lynette Maltby3736Pacific Environments IOT
Marc Woodbury2830Studio Pacific
Maria Ouzounova2795Babbage In Office
Mark Burke-Damaschke5567GHD Auckland
Mary Ghattas5291Meta IOT
Matthew Chaplin2631Practice Management Meetings
Maurice Pipson2560T+B IOT group
Mitchell McKenzie5757G2 Studio
Mitra Emami3443Stephenson & Turner - Auckland
Natalie Stebben3452RTA Studio
Nicholas Mouat2669Athfield Architects Ltd
Nicola Catherwood5874Warren & Mahoney Auckland
Peter Bossley1801Bossley Architects
Peter Prosee1901Walker Group Architects
Philip Cheshire1961Cheshire Architects Ltd
Ran Xu6380Precon CPD Group
Rebecca Kane6214AMA IOT
Reem Paul3597MODE IOT Group
Richard Almand4226MBIE building Performance and Engineering
Richard Hudson5034Ben Hudson Architects
Robert Bruns5533AHDT
Robert Knight4936Leuschke Group Ltd
Rochelle Tse3282Herriot & Melhuish
Roy Tebbutt4350SGA Ltd
Samuel Atcheson3201DAA IOT
Samuel Fastier6541+MAP Architects IOT Group
Samuel Wildig6146Novare Architecture
Scott Hunter4940Assemble KLG Sessions
Seong Hwa Lee4261blacktree
Shani Nelson3006Designgroup Stapleton Elliott
Shelly Clement5442Glamuzina Architects
Simon McRae4274WGA IOT Group
Simon Watts3183Sumich Architects
Sowmya Gnanasekaran5182ASC Architects
Stephanie Winquist6524SMA CPD in office training group
Susan Marshall3224Jasmax
Tamer Elnady3657Beca Architects
Tony Rowell5610Creative Arch
Trevor Watt2744Athfield Architects - Christchurch
Yi Wen Seow5581Tennent Brown Architects


This Architect is not currently active.