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RAB No. 
CoordinatorArchitect IDGroup Name
Aaron Sills2993Il Forno
Abigail Hurst5297CHCH Collective
Alastair McKenzie5406Auckland Central
Alistair Madill2045Wanaka
Alistair Scott2700Fletcher Architects
Amelia Minty2916Wellington South
Andrew Greenslade5069Mt Eden
Andrew Kissell2974Dunedin
Andrew Watson4891The Tuesday Sessions
Anthony Biland2542CCC Architects Team
Anthony Gracie2855City Fringe (Ak)
Barry Holton3073Birkenhead
Briar Green2297106rr
Carol Curtis2922Nelson Small Practices
Christopher Sage1900Magazzino
Craig Houghton3405Outhouse
Daniel King3219Gisborne
Darryl Haines3092NZ Health Design Council
Daryl Austin5016Taranaki
Donald Taylor1925Architecture 5
Duncan Sinclair4262Wanganui
Edwin Elliott2358Arrowtown
Elizabeth Cotter5110Pukekohe PSG
Ethan Hunter6021GCPSG
Francis Scott3168Assemblage
Gerald Stock1110Lakelands
Glenn Rogers3165Waiheke Island
Graeme Wrack2537Archipreneurs
Guy Davies2994FIF Coops
Harvey Wang3185Central Auckland
Heather Hocken3307NZIA Western Branch Palmerston North
James Warren3284Lyal Bay
Jeremy Dunlop2829Queenstown _Arrowtown_2015
Jesse Matthews5509Sidewalk Ballet Enthusiasts Club
Jessica Walker4998Wednesdays
John Anderson2170Domain Group
John Chaplin2499Canterbury
John D'Anvers1886North Shore
John Sexton1536Hill Street
John Wright2309City (Wgtn)
Judith Eden2643Thursday Lunch Group
Justin Leadbetter4260Bizdojo Christchurch
Justine Goode4349New Architects Collective [NAC]
Kate Harford4919Hutt Architects Sole Practitioners
Kathryn Corner3255Architectural Orphans PSG
Kevin Ma5574The Streets
Louise Wright3267Assembly AM Chin
Mahendra Daji2797Titirangi PSG
Malcolm Bartleet1984Cahoots
Margaret Macleod1715Wakatipu
Margaret Powell5009PSG Group 2018
Martin Ulenberg4236Brothers
Matthew Waterfall3187Small Guys
Melanie Lochore3027West side practice group
Michael Dillon4309GHPSG
Michael O'Brien3001Havana Cuba Quarter
Mona Hurnen4886Wase
Niccolo Ballara2962abc
Nigel Case3539Capital Architects
Patrick Loo5234SPG
Paul Clements2543Eastern (Ak)
Paul Somerford2881BDG Architects
Paulus van Herpt2894St Asaph
Peter Lim5607APA
Philip Cheshire1961Cheshire Principals
Prudence Pinfold3082Uptown
Richard Bos2680Tennyson Street
Richard Hudson5034Solidarity, Reg
Richard Sedgwick2257Mac's Six
Richard Slessor2000Loos Group
Robert Cunningham2238HUDDLE
Robert Knight4936RnD PSG
Roger Dowling3428Tauranga
Rowan Bussell2125Nikau City & Suburbs
Russell Hawken1558GHD Woodhead creative spaces
Samuel Donald3402WMC-CPD
Sarah Bertie4870Whangarei
Sarah Sandland3137Christchurch Women Architects
Scott Donnell3208South East Auckland
Scott Hunter4940Assemble
Shelly Clement5442Baby Zoomers
Stephanus Meijer3732Tasman
Stuart Whitfield2885Canterbury Arcade
Thanh Nguyen3463PSG Ngamotu
Thomas Chong2098GroupX
Thomas Whiteman4860Auckland Practice Network
Uche Isichei2778statler and waldorf takapuna
Vincent Abela1662Warkworth
Yvonne Forrest2583Women + Architecture HB


This Architect is not currently active.